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Bracelet (1) Pattern


Yarn: To estimate the length of yarn necessary, allow 8 times the desired length (not including ties). Try working a short sample first since, the coarser the material, the more yarn is used up in the knots.

Beads: 8 small, 1 large. All with large bores large enough for at least one strand of yarn to go through.


Cut three cords of equal length.
Find the midpoints centres of the cords and make 2 inches of three-strand braid.
Bring the ends of the braid together to make a loop and anchor it to a suitable board, handle, foam pad etc . . .
There will now be 6 working cords.
a) Make four flat knots using 4 outer cords and two filler cords.
b) Make 2 flat knots with the middle 4 cords, allowing the outer cords to form loops.
c) Make 2 flat knots with the three cords on the left, using one as the filler cord and the same on the right.
d) Repeat steps b) and c) three times more.
e) Put a small bead onto the outer loops and repeat step a) and b).
f) Repeat step e).
g) Tie 1 flat knot with the middle 4 cords.
h) Put a large bead on the two filler cords.
You are now half way.
Gather the six cords firmly and repeat the pattern in reverse, from g) to b).
Repeat step c).
Make 4 flat knots, using six cords with two as fillers.
To finish, make two chains of 3-corded braiding ending each with a overhand knot.

The bracelet is tied to the wrist by knotting these chains to the starting loop.